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Gestalt Coaching with Horses, Hawks and Nature groups are for women who want to experience sacred circle, connection with horses, hawks, nature & each other, and do personal inner exploration and healing.

In a safe outdoor space, accompanied by horse & hawk we'll take our seat in circle, turn within, connect with Self, the Earth, and Source. Aware, present and ready, we’ll share from our hearts and listen with our souls. After sharing, we’ll be ready to connect with the horse and hawk. An opportunity is offered for a woman to work through an issue...that “stuff” that is causing her turmoil or pain. Purely on a volunteer basis...no pressure.
Afterward, we share in a closing circle, hearts opened, grateful for our time together.

What is Gestalt Coaching?
Gestalt Coaching is a somatic (body focused) EXPERIENTIAL method that gets to the heart of the matter. Different from traditional “talk therapy”, Gestalt Coaching works with the whole person, mind, body and soul. While Gestalt Coaching is NOT therapy, it is effective and therapeutic. . Many people benefit from in combination with or outside of traditional psychotherapy.

Why horses, hawks and nature?
Our horse, animal and nature allies are wanting to help us!
It is amazing to be held by the heart of a horse! Horses helping heal humans is being studied and documented as highly effective. The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method(™) studies are blowing the roof off of other horse assisted therapies or learning in their effectiveness with some of the most challenging populations to help...drug addicts, homeless teens, PTSD sufferers. So exciting!

Not to be outdone, to be held in the gaze of a falcon, and to awaken and feel the love Mother Nature ceaselessly gives to us opens our hearts in profound ways.

It is something you just have to experience to understand...something
you will never forget! POWER FULL.

We will NOT be riding horses or flying hawks.
No horse or bird experience necessary.

Space limited to 8 women. Intro fee: $35 per session.

This group is open on a first come, first serve basis for now.
I will be offering closed groups for a committed circle of women wanting to deepen into their healing journey.

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