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- Do you need some quick career advice?
- Not sure you're headed in the right direction for your life?
- Having a problem with someone at work?

The Cubicle Buddha can help!

I'm Marc Sachnoff and I've worked in over 20 jobs including running a non-profit, being an Emmy-nominated TV producer, and a Director at Microsoft in the Xbox Gaming Division. I have worked for great bosses and crazy bosses. I have been hired, fired, stiffed, and celebrated. I've either had or seen just about every kind of job problem, opportunity and issue. And I'm in my 34th year of Buddhist practice so I bring an unusual combination of business savvy, spiritual awareness and compassion to my work.

I have taken much of the wisdom I've learned from the Buddha and his contemporary disciples in my 34 years of Buddhist practice and distilled it all down to just eight principles—the Eight Career Success Principles.

The Cubicle Buddha says if you sincerely embrace these key concepts, one of two things are likely to happen in your career:

- You will be recognized as someone with commitment, wisdom, and compassion, and you will rise in your organization, or;

- Someone outside your organization will realize, “Wow, that person is making things happen, we should grab him/her!” And you’ll get poached.

Either way, your world gets better.

People have been seeking me out for advice my whole life. Now I'm known as The Cubicle Buddha.

I would love to help you solve your work problems.

And for a limited time you can get 15 minutes of mindful career advice for just $15. Click Here (https://modernwisdom.as.me/CubicleBuddha) for more info.


Marc Sachnoff

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