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What we're about

GFIO is a platform to join people on a weight loss journey.

With GFIO, presented weight loss program you can lose upto 1kg a week without any gruesome workouts or starvation diets

We bring to you the most effective, internationally practised mind programming and lifestyle building weight loss program.

In our attempt to lose weight we easily overlook a crucial component of mental preparedness.

A lot of us struggle to sustain our diets and/ or workout regimes

We battle binge eatings, cravings and emotional eating all by trying to suppress our mind. Eventually resorting to cheat days n cheat ways leading to derailed plan

We blame lack of willpower, self discipline, faulty food habits etc.

And after a while try another diet another workout plan

Without fixing the willpower habits self discipline etc

It’s time to Pause and address this mindset. And just by doing so you could lose upto 1kg wait per week

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