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Learn to still our minds! Meditation class with John Buchanan.
Join us for a special ongoing course on meditation taught by John Buchanan. Without a still mind, happiness will continue to elude us. Fortunately, a still mind is attainable, even with a busy life. All levels of experience are welcome at this donation-based course. Class will consist of two guided meditations, short talks, and a chance for Q&A (bring all your meditation-related questions!) with a small and supportive group of people. You can check out the audio from our previous classes on Soundcloud (

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30 E 6th Ave · Vancouver, BC

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We exist to illuminate the depth of the yogic path to lasting happiness. Our group provides comprehensive and heart centered music, meditation, philosophy, and yoga programs rich in ancient wisdom. This group is for those that want to focus on how to achieve the ultimate goal of yoga: a life of love, wisdom, authenticity, fulfillment and purpose. To find the yogic path as a lifestyle; a complete, daily practice that helps you step into your ultimate self, while honoring your every-day self, and show others how to do the same. In our yoga, meditation, and kirtan meet ups we reunite the "outer" and "inner" methods of asana, breath awareness, ethical actions, meditation, and wisdom.

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