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Let's Meetup to study Vowed Morality!

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10 weeks, Tuesdays! APRIL 30th (not 24th as it says on the flyer) until July 2nd!

ACI Course 9 covers the Buddhist code of ethics and the relationship between an ethical way of life, meditating deeply, and experiencing ultimate reality.

This Course is based upon the Sutra on Vowed Morality (Vinaya Sutra) byMaster Gunaprabha (500 AD), with commentaries from The Essence of the Ocean of Vinaya (Dulwa Gyatsoy Nyingpo) by Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419), The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel (Yishin Norbu) by Choney Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748), and Day Maker (Nyin Je) by Master Ngulchu Dharma Bhadra (1772-1851).

Sherri Kajiwara and John Buchanan are close senior students
of Lamas Yvonne & Roger Jaques, trained in the Asian Classics
Institute 18 course series paralleling the Geshe education that
a monastic would receive in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.
Between them they have more than 2500 hours of training in
the areas of yoga philosophy, teacher training, and advanced
meditation techniques. They bring an organic approach
including meditation and a love of music to teaching,
encouraging students to practice on & off the cushion.

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