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Hello Ladies and Gentleman

Welcome to our new group for those single professional socialists that like to 'Get Out & Get Swanky'. We are bringing back face-to-face events for those who like to 'Dress to impress' and make new found friends in the process.

It's time to leave work behind and let your hair down.. lets focus more time on you and what you enjoy!

We are planning on building our event list soon but in the meantime please join the group and mingle with our other beautiful members.

If you are interested in helping out and joining the team then drop me a message.

Any questions please feel free to ask,

Thank you

'Get Out & Get Swanky'!! :D

Upcoming events (2)

Speed Dating in London @ Revolutions (Ages 24-36)

Revolution Bar Leadenhall Street

Welcome to our 'Speed Dating' event which will be held at 'Revolutions Bar', Leadenhall - London. This flirty & fun event is aimed at singles between the ages of 24-36 where you will expect to meet around 18-20 people within a period of 2-3 hours. There is no better way to end your day than meet other singles within a safe and relaxed environment. How it works: Arrival - Please arrive to the event 15-20 min prior to the event start time and ask for the 'EventSingles Speed Date Event'. Failure to arrive on time may result in you not being able to take part in the event. Please purchase a drink before registering as you will not be able to once the event starts. Registration - Upon registering you will be given a 'Scorecard' and a sticky 'Name Label' badge. Please fill out the scorecard with your name, email and mark the 'M' or 'F' dependant on what gender you are, (Male/Female). Event Start - Before the event starts you will be asked to be seated in the correct format and to complete your table/badge number on your scorecard/name label. Once the event starts you will be given approx 3-4 min at each table to meet your potential matches. Use the scorecard provided to make notes as well as mark down someone's badge number in which you would like to be matched with. Remember.. stay calm and relaxed and just be yourself :D Event End - Once the event ends you will be asked to hand in your marks. Please feel free to grab yourself another drink after the event ends and mingle with the other singles. Matches - 24-48 hours after the event you will receive an email with your matches. If you do not receive an email then you will have no matches at this time. Please remember to check both your inbox/spam folder. *Please Note - EventSingles members benefit on ticket discounts on EventSingles events as well as receive 2 weeks full access. Book your tickets as soon as possible as tickets are on a 1st come 1st serve basis and usually always sell out. RSVP'ing 'Yes' to this event does not entitle you entry to this event. TICKET LINK BELOW: https://eventsingles.co.uk/event/speed-dating-in-london-revolutions-ages-24-36/ We look forward on seeing you soon, and as usual if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks EventSingles - Team


Needs a location

Hey!! Interested in organising and hosting your own events?? Simply rsvp to this event where we will contact you with further details.. Looking forward on meeting you all!! :D

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