What we're about


The purpose is to get educated, empower women about their fertility from a whole health consciousness so they can take the next step in their journey to becoming a mother.

You should join if you are:

Frustrated with options you have explored and are searching for something more.

You are struggling with getting pregnant and want to learn how to optimize your fertility from a wholistic approach.

You are serious and committed to treating any underlying health issues and transforming for the sake of reclaiming your fertility.

You are planning on trying to get pregnant in the next 6-12 months and a natural approach to conception and pregnancy intuitively makes sense to you.

You’ve tried other types of reproductive therapy, including IUI, IVF or taking clomid without success (or with miserable side effects and worsening hormonal symptoms or you’re in the process of undergoing these treatments and would like additional support).

If you have had success getting pregnant but have difficulty holding the pregnancy.

You are over 35 and trying to get pregnant

This is also for women who are consciously moving forward with IVF or IUI and would like to optimize their success with wholistic support.

This is important because you recognize a deep connection within mind, body and spirit and want that to be a part of your fertility journey.

If getting pregnant is an immediate priority, please call me for a private consultation: 917-294-3805.

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