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GROUP SIZE Our meetups are not for big groups. We expect to interact with 2 startups at most in any meetup. We ensure that we spend quality 1 - 2 hrs with each entrepreneur in a focused session. Please note, you must have a sales background or a sales co-founder in your team. AGENDA Agenda is quite simple, and goes as follows: • We get to know each other first and understand what drives us to do what we are doing. We also set expectations what we can do and what we can't. • We discuss in details your current status, challenges. • We identify the gaps & next steps. We will work with you to achieve it with clear ownership and timelines. • We create the plan for next 3 months. Target is to get revenues or customers in this time. BEFORE MEETUP Please spend sometime to figure out what you would like to discuss with us. Its best if you come along with your team and not alone. You MUST have a sales background or a sales co-founder in your team before we can meet. We will ask you specific and direct questions and expect you to give some really good answers than avoiding them. That's the only way we can help. You are welcome to ask us questions too. If you need a non-disclosure agreement or any confidentiality agreement before you discuss anything, this meetup is not the best place. We can have separate meeting with you. Also please make sure you CALL the organizers well in advance before coming for the event. Otherwise, your RSVP will not be considered! DURING THE MEETUP Please remember, this is a short session of 2 hrs. If you have been working on your idea for a few months, its not possible for us to know all about it during this session and then there are other enthusiasts too who want to share about their great work and ideas! And we want to make sure we address at least 2-3 important concerns of each entrepreneur. So how do we get to know so much about everyone, understand and solve a few problem for all as well as a good brainstorming. Answer is, we can't! To make best use of session, lets catch-up over call before the session if you feel like. However, during the session, we should have a focused discussion where others can also participate. Try to be objective and look at your venture dispassionately. Don't worry, we will give you cues if you are getting carried away. And not the least, there is a lot of ground work we will be doing with you before and after the meetup too so don't worry if we didn't get your full story. We will make sure we get to root of it! :) AFTER MEETUP You need to think over the plan, inputs shared during the session. If it makes sense and helps you, please do work on it. We will be waiting to hear from you and will be doing our part too as we make progress. We will also be constantly reaching out to you, quite shamelessly. We will email you, text you, whatsapp you and ask you "what the hell are you doing about...?" and sometimes "what the hell have you been thinking about...". And we don't mind expecting the same in return. If our inputs don't work for you or don't make sense, do let us know! We will figure out whats not right. IS THERE ANY LONG RUN BENEFIT FOR ENTREPRENEURS? If you benefit from us and we find you serious, we will offer you something to help you sustain in the long run or run your show better. That may or may not be funds, that is on a case to case basis. WHATS IN IT FOR THE ORGANIZER? I have been an entrepreneur myself and know the pain each of us takes when running a business. If I can help someone avoid those pitfalls, I know I would have done something worthwhile. And I get to connect with purposeful individuals and add value to their idea. Nothing beats that networking. Secondly, if things click - we might have some transactions between us towards a long term business association. We are looking for serious ideas or rock solid entrepreneurs. CONTACT DETAILS We can be reached on [masked]

Cafe Coffee Day

Ground Floor, Inorbit Mall Vashi · Navi Mumbai

Respond by: 12/15/2018

What we're about

Get started in 3 months! No kidding...

This is a serious, business minded meetup to help first time entrepreneurs understand what they need to launch their startup as well as to actually get them started.

We give advice as well as help you execute with proper hand holding till you pick up on your own.

We don't work with just every entrepreneur. If we find you serious, we will invite you to our next meetup where we will focus ONLY on you. Thats right, we don't give any gyan sessions. Plain hands-on ground work to just get you started.

We will keep meeting from time to time to review your status, activities and provide support where needed. Our sessons will be arranged mostly on weekends and on weekdays based on individual request and urgency.

To give an birds eye view on what you may end up doing: get clarity on your vision, identify your idea in measurable terms, define target market for your different phases, build phase wise product list with more focus on immediate phase, detailed action plan for next 3 months, identify and build team, execute with our support, weekly reviews and much more...

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