Packaging and Selling Your Skills & Industry Expertise Profitably (Live Online)

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As a highly skilled professional with industry experience it is certainly possible for you to sell your skills profitably. But if you find yourself constantly working for bottom dollar, struggle to find customers constantly, or find the customers you do work with very difficult to please, you'll find this online workshop very important. In this workshop you learn how to sell your expertise for hundreds or thousands of dollars a month by learning how to package and promote solutions your customers will love.

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Topics addressed in this workshop include:

Why your work must be “packaged” correctly if you are going to sell it.
How packaging differs significantly from marketing and why it must be done right.
Discovering what your customers are really trying to buy and how to frame it for sale.
Packaging solutions for selling expertise (book, seminar, class, consulting, coaching, turn-key service, etc and how they vary in profitability)
Creating cost effective promotional materials that will very effectively sell your work.
Creating a website that doesn’t cause customers to walk away.
Proving your value to customers from the first click.
Creating a profitable ladder of solutions.
Where to find leads and how to make them customers.
Steps for growing your expertise-based business in order to earn more.

Resources included in this workshop are a step by step workbook and recording of the online presentation, along with supporting documentation covering press release marketing, intellectual property right fundamentals, contract fundamentals, and avoiding litigation which are critical for those who want to make a living selling their expertise.

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