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HI! I am Galactic Ashley.
I channel Divine Guidance for Starseeds connecting them to their Star Families and Galactic Lineages. I use light language frequencies and work with your Cosmic Connections to facilitate high-frequency healing transmissions and encoded activations.

What does it mean to be a Starseed and what is the purpose of connecting with your Star Family?

Many people who identify with the term Starseed, have an innate longing for the stars and may experience feelings that they don’t belong. They may feel homesick or lost. Some have strong memories of other lifetimes on other planets and in higher vibrational existences. At its core, though, these are feelings of strong separation from Source, which can cause struggles and suffering in density. Connecting with our Galactic Lineage offers a lot of opportunities to heal, to integrate with our multidimensional aspects, and to hold Divine presence in the present, rather than being focused on down here not being as good as out there.
The purpose of connecting with and uniting with your Star Family is to remember that you are never separate from “home,” you are not a cosmic orphan, and that you chose to come to this planet with a mission. When your Starseed aspect or Galactic Self is activated through the Heart, you begin a process of integration and ultimately unification. Living as your Galactic Self restores Divine Human DNA, allowing you to transform consciousness through the body, and co-create a Galactic Legacy here on this planet.

I am a facilitator and co-creator of 10-week courses called Galactic Guided Intensives. You can check them out on my website.

Galactic Guided Intensives (GGI) (https://galacticsovereigntyfoundation.org/course-library-2/)
Times and days are ALL the same for every course for 2021
Group 01: Monday + (Alternating) Wednesdays from 4:00 - 6:00 pm PST
Group 02: Tuesday + (Alternating) Thursdays from 7:00 - 9:00 pm PST

GGI: Remembering through Art + Creativity: January 11th - March 18th (https://galacticsovereigntyfoundation.org/galactic-guided-intensives-for-creatives-landing-page/)
**REGISTRATION OPEN** (closes on January 19th)

GGI: Light Language Activation & Healing Program: April 5th - June 10th

GGI: Mythogeographies + Psychic Sensing: July 12th - September 16th

GGI: Sovereignty and the Sacred Art of Channeling: October 4th - December 9th


Anyone who wants to explore and experience their Galactic Lineage, Star Families, Light Language, and connect with and activate their multidimensional self.

Welcome!!! I can't wait to meet you.

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