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**November 12, 2017 . . . at the end of this post there is an important announcement!


GET A CLUE CREATIVE WRITING PROMPTS is a wonderful way to spark creativity while promoting a sense of community.

• Are you struggling with writer's block?

• Would you like to know that at least one person out there is willing, ready and able to read your stories?

• Are you looking for a safe place to share your stories with others who are possibly just as nervous and inexperienced as you are?

• Are you a published, or aspiring, author looking for a supportive and chill atmosphere where you can express your 'imperfect self' through creative imagination in storytelling?

• Are you ready to release the creative monster within you fighting to break free and express itself?


• Want to see your name in print with all of our other authors in the Get a Clue yearly Anthology?

• Want to leave your friends and family a tangible legacy that expresses who you are?

• Want to write when you want to, and skip the months you don't, without anyone excessively hounding you with a deadline or expectations?

You've come to the right place! Here is how Get a Clue Creative Writing Prompts is weaving stories and friendships, not only locally but across state lines, through our love of writing!

HOW IT WORKS: Meetup, by virtue of of its very nature, is where locals with like minds can find each other and hang out together. We do that, but we also have members out of state; therefore, we have had to come up with ways to utilize the site so they can also participate. This meetup was started in December of 2016 and has gone through a lot of trial and error and working out bugs. Below is what we have come up with that works best for all.

In a nutshell: 1. At the beginning of each new month, look for the Clues under the PHOTO Tab for both monthly stories and a Flash Fiction images. You will see the 'albums'. Each month we generally write based off of 5 clues/words, and the flash fiction is one image. You can write for both, one or none: up to you. Also, you can write for past months at any time.

2. Under the DISCUSSIONS Tab: I will set up a new FORUM each month, and inside each new forum you will find two discussions: one for the clues and one for the flash fiction. Be sure to click the box to Track the Discussions. You will receive one daily notification whenever someone posts a new comment. PLEASE DO NOT START NEW DISCUSSIONS, ONLY POST ON THE DISCUSSIONS I HAVE ALREADY SET UP FOR THAT MONTH. If you start new discussions members will miss out on comments because they are not 'tracking' your discussion; therefore, they will not be notified.

3. Now, the fun part! GET CREATIVE: Write your story.Try to keep it to about 1500 words or 2 1/2 pages typed in 12 font. Stories are generally due by the last Saturday of each month, but honestly you can write and submit any time you want to but - if you post your story well before the deadline be warned most won't read it until they have theirs written as well, just saying.

4. Once your story is ready for publication, create a new PAGE . PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THE TITLE OF YOUR STORY IN THE PAGE DESCRIPTION, instead include these three things in your title: 1. Your name, 2. Month and 3. Indication if it is based off of the 'clues' or 'FF' image .

For example, for the month of May your page(s) should read as follows:

Kimberly Stein, May Clues


Kimberly Stein, May FF.

Again, please do not create your page with your story title. I need your monthly pages titled this way for ease in putting the Anthology together at the end of the year! Ok, moving on. . .

5. *IF interested, Rsvp to attend the meetup ( if we are scheduled to meet that month and if space is still available. Currently, we only allow seven attendees per meetup and meet every other month). See below for more information on how the meetings work.

6. Notify us in the monthly FORUM - under the applicable DISCUSSION TAB - that your story is posted.You can simply say, "Hey, my story is up!"

7. To reiterate #2: Be sure to track these discussions, preferably from the beginning of the month, so you don't miss any comments but definitely do so after your story is posted.

8. Read the stories others have posted.

9. Post feedback, support and encouragement for others (do unto other what you want them to do for you!). Again, post within the discussions pre-established.

10. **Look forward to the end of the year Anthology where your stories will be published (by Get a Clue) along with your pic and bio! (The Anthology is still a work in progress so this is something not yet promised! See below for more information.)



HOW IT WORKS: First of the month, go to the PHOTOS TAB and look for the album: ANIMATED OBJECTS. For each month a picture and a scenario will be posted. Authors will choose what animated object they wish to be and comment below that month's photo stating which object they have chosen and what page they are. For example, if I have already claimed an object and Page One then the next to claim an object will be Page Two, etc. Authors are to write their page from the viewpoint of the animated object they've selected and are to pick up the story where the previous author left off. In the end it should read like a short story but with multiple authors.

Until we work out the kinks, etc. let's keep it to seven authors total. If you are the first author, you kick us off and if you are the seventh author, well that means you close the story out!

I have NO idea if this will flatline or morph into something fabulous, so let's give it a try starting in January!

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a progression with multiple authors, please don't drag your feet when it's your turn causing the next in line to hammer out their page under the gun. That's no fun! If you don't have the time, wait to participate when you do or let me know and we'll move everybody up.

POSTING YOUR PAGE: Just post your page like any other page but title it with: (Month) ANIMATED OBJECTS: Your Name and page number. (For Example: JANUARY ANIMATED OBJECTS: KIMBERLY, PAGE ONE)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Be sure to comment under the correct discussion in the current month's forum when you have posted your page. You may even want to message the next in line so they know!



At first we tried to get together every month but that proved too difficult with such busy schedules; therefore, we have - for now - moved the actual physical meetups to once every other month and we, at least for the most part, will stick to meeting in Cedar Park, Leander, NW Austin, etc. (like IHOP in Cedar Park). But, having said that, the latter part of 2017 we started meeting every month again because we enjoyed it so much. Get a Clue is still in a learning phase to see what works best for all and that includes me; I don't want to overextend myself and therefore dread what I should be enjoying!

Now, you will know which meetup is which simply by the title of the meetup as it will either say:

a. Time to post your stories to your page (no physical meetup this month)

b. Hang out and read our stories (we will be meeting this month)

On the months that say “Let's Hang Out’ attendance will be limited to seven attendees (but certainly not limited to how many can write and post stories on their Page). The reason for limiting the actual physical attendees is so we can bring our stories to read aloud and have ample time and space, but it would be great if everyone, regardless if you attend or not, still participate in writing and posting your stories on-line for all of the members to enjoy. I LOVE reading your stories and seeing how you incorporated your clues! In the future, if we have a continual waiting list for physical meetings we will find a bigger venue and open up more space.

**ANTHOLOGY: When I started this group an Anthology was nowhere on my radar, but earlier in 2017 I self published my first non-fiction book and, though it was a hassle (because writing and utilizing publishing tools just sometimes is), it wasn't horrible; therefore, I got the idea of doing a yearly Anthology for the group. The Anthology - once completed - will be available on Amazon for you and your friends and family in paperback. We ALL have to buy our own copies and that includes me, and it doesn't matter if you have one story or twenty - same price for all. I will try to do my BEST and keep it as affordable as possible without compromising too much on color vs. black and white (color really jacks up the price of printing), etc. I am NOT editing your stories; that is your job. Let me say this again. I am NOT EDITING YOUR STORIES. They get published just as you wrote them (unless I happen to see a misspelling). I only cut and paste them into a book format.

The copyright of your stories belong to you. Any royalties I may or may not make off of the sale of these Anthologies will cover the hours upon hours I work on putting the book together, and trust me it is a time consuming process, and further trust me when I tell you I make ZERO off the sell of the books.

REMOVAL FROM MEMBERSHIP: I just want to tell ya that I have the right to remove anyone from membership that does not fall within the scope of this meetup's creative and supportive objectives as outlined here. No inappropriate (pornographic, violent, excessive cursing, etc.) is tolerated.


If you have any questions feel free to let me know!

OH YEAH, FACEBOOK: It was created while trying to figure out how to best use our meetups functions for ease of communication, etc. conducive to our particular set of cyber-community circumstances. Clues are NOT posted on the website and I don't really maintain it since we have figured out how to use Meetup to meet our needs. I may delete the FB page soon as I think it creates more confusion than anything, but I am still investigating its potential to grow the group through social media.

https://www.facebook.com/Get-A-Clue-Creativ... (https://www.facebook.com/Get-A-Clue-Creative-Writing-Prompts-1318175534902835/?ref=bookmarks)



A word from Kimberly, Get a Clue Creative Writing Prompt's Organizer:

Thank you to all who have participated and continue to share your voice and talents with us! You have blessed us so much and I know you who have participated have been blessed as well!

Now, let me ask you a question. How much is inspiration, creativity and support really worth to you as a writer? What is it worth to your creative passions be part of a team that cheers you on with volunteer editors and published advisors on board to help you with your grammar and stories, should you want help?

Would you be willing to pay minimally ($7.00 per month) for the immeasurable gift of stimulation, inspiration and support to come knocking on your door every month, or even several times a month, when all you gotta do is sit back, receive it and write?

Yes? You and me, both! Totally! I would pay even more than that. In fact, as the organizer of Get a Clue Creative Writing Prompts, I DO pay - twice that - already, every month. Why? For one thing I know how ineffectual I am when it is left up to me alone to motivate myself creatively. Without the monthly deadlines and support and of course the inspiration this group provides it is easy - way too easy - to say, 'tomorrow', "I'll write something tomorrow," which often does not come. As I mentioned earlier, "A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity!"

That is why I LOVE this group! Companionship inspires me. Challenges stir me. Reading what others have written with the same set of clues is dog-gone thrilling and motivating! And bottom line, my passion and creativity, my 'voice' and legacy, is something I am not willing to leave to chance-encounters of inspiration that may or may not present itself and actually propel me into action. Basically, I NEED a kick in the pants to stay creative and if you are here looking for inspiration you are probably a lot like me! In danger of letting your music die inside of you . . .

Don't do that. Don't die with your music still locked inside of you! Let's stay connected and encourage one another to give life all we have to offer!

OK, so here is what we need to do to continue to help one another on our quest to WRITE, WRITE AND WRITE! Get a Clue Creative Writing Prompts will begin to collect a $7.00 monthly membership fee from each member, if not before definitely sometime in 2018. Wha-What? Yes, but let me explain the benefit to you. What this covers is:

1. Your continued membership in a creative and supportive community. (Again, I have to pay my monthly dues, too, just to keep the site active - which are twice what you will be paying.)

2. A promise at least one person - and most likely more - will read your stories and encourage you.

3. Depending on participation HOPEFULLY we can start paying out small awards in writing competitions - that would be great!

4. Possible inclusion in the year's-end Anthology (if I can keep the cost of the books down, still working out the kinks on that). Though it costs you nothing more to be included, we do all have to pay for our own copies of the book, including me.

So, there you have it: A handful of great reasons to invest in this group and in yourself! Once the monthly dues have been set up, you will be on a trial period before you actually have to pay to remain a member.


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