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We need you to step into your power now. This is a group of brave souls who are willing to push their edges to get their medicine out into the world. It is a supportive tribe where together we learn how to market and sell in a way that is fun and soulful so that we can have more impact, freedom and income. In this supportive tribe we work through the gunk in the way of stepping into our power, self promotion, and charging what we are worth. This is a space where we break free from the boxes that limit us: the dollars per hour box, the employee box, the "I'm not good enough/not ready/not a real healer" box, and learn to package our many gifts in a way that generates abundance and room for creativity, and finds the clients who need exactly the medicine we can provide. We believe there are gifts within our wounds, it's worth the discomfort of pushing our edges, and we will go farther together.

Dr. Florie Wild, who will be leading these workshops, specializes in empowering creative healers to confidently get their gifts out in a way that is fun, soulful, and profitable.

Here's a bit of her story in her own words:

I am a wild healer happy to have broken free from an unhappy marriage, a Career Staff position at the Student Counseling Center at UC Davis, many of my negative voices, and a successful private practice as a Clinical Psychologist. Two years ago I awoke from a re-ocurring dream about searching for an airport and read an email from a business coach that either was 1) REALLY effective marketing, or 2) a direct message from Spirit. I hired her for what seemed like a CRAZY amount of money at the time and in three months she helped me launch my group program Wild Women Rising. Learning the effective feminine formula to marketing and sales ROCKED MY WORLD. Having finally found the "airport," it allowed me to "take off" and get my gifts out into the world in a way that allows me ample time for creativity, travel, yoga, beloveds, puttering, and dreaming into what I want to do next. If you want this, I want this for you. Hence: WILD HEALERS RISING. When I'm not working you can find me jiggling my mom belly in Power Vinyasa Yoga, jumping naked in rivers with my kids, and dreaming about the retreat centers I want to create in Nevada City and the Big Island.

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