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Our goal is to help you explore the abundance of wonderful natural places North Carolina has to offer. If you're a beginner, we'll make sure that you never hike alone (unless you want to!). We'll also teach you how to become an intrepid hiker capable of exploring wherever (the rugged Linville Gorge Wilderness, for instance) and whenever (at night!). And we'll take advantage of the opportunities for paddling, cycling, and maybe trying a new activity or two! We're aided in our efforts to get out and explore by Great Outdoor Provision Co., which provides us space for clinics and meetings, and pays the fee for our Meetup site.

This group should appeal to two types of explorers. One, the already adventurous type who gets out some (though never enough). With the abundance of great places to explore — for starters, there are more than 2,500 miles of marked paddle trail in Eastern North Carolina — there are likely places you aren't familiar with. We'll help you fill in those gaps. But we're also interested in the adventure-curious, those of you who've seen caravans of cars bearing kayaks on a country road and thought, "I wonder where they're going?" Or perhaps you've heard someone talk about hiking in a maritime forest, or taking a 50-mile road ride with nary a hill and precious little traffic. No gear? No worries; we'll help you sample these great adventures to see if they're really your passion.

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GetHiking! Weekend Escape to Jones Lake State Park

Jones Lake State Park


IMPORTANT NOTE: See bottom for information on registering for this event.

North Carolina has three distinct geographic zones: the Piedmont, where most of us live and spend our time exploring rolling hills and rocky creeks; the mountains, where we head for the challenge and beauty; and the coast/coastal plain. Most of us view the latter simply as something to endure driving to the beach. A big, open expanse of … well, we’re not really sure since we rarely stop.

We aim to change that. Instead of the coastal plain being an obligatory part of the journey, we’re making it the destination. We’ll explore a number of ecosystems — from pine savannah to Carolina bay — on this trip to Jones Lake State Park.

Jones Lake is one of the best remaining examples of a bay forest, nearly half a million oval depressions found throughout the Southeast. The woods are so named for their dominant trees, the sweet bays, loblolly bays, and red bays that rim these mysterious depressions. (Mysterious because it’s unclear how they came to be; a prominent theory holds that they’re the result of a massive meteor strikes millions of years ago.) Nearly all these bays once contained water; today, only a smattering still do; two of which, Jones and Salter lakes, are the focus of our visit.


On Saturday, we’ll explore both lakes on a 6-mile morning hike. Along the way we’ll hike the noted, dense bay forests as well as open pine savannah, the latter’s exposure making for ideal winter hiking on a sunny day. After lunch, we’ll cross into Turnbull State Educational Forest for a 4.5-mile hike through more bay forest and pine savannah.

On Sunday, we’ll pack up and head north to Bay Tree Lake Natural Area for a 5-mile hike through similar terrain.

If that sounds like a lot of hiking, keep in mind that there’s very little elevation difference in the coastal plain: elevation at our basecamp is about 70 feet, we probably won’t vary more than 10 feet from that the entire weekend.

Night sky

Another advantage to a coastal plain visit: the night sky. It’s dark out here; in fact, one of the darkest spots along the East Coast. That makes for some great night sky viewing, especially under the quarter moon we will experience. Expect to see more stars than you’ve seen in a while, possibly even the Milky Way.


Expect a daytime high in the low 60s, overnight lows in the upper 30s. Upon registering, we will provide a tip sheet for staying warm at night. Part of the trick: a good campfire, which we will have both nights.

Your safety

Upon gathering at the trailhead to discuss each hike, and at any other time when we gather for discussion, we require hikers to wear a mask. We ask that you keep it handy on the trail in case we run into other hikers (there may be a handful, but not many). We also observe social distancing on the trail and in situations, such as the campfire, when we’re in close proximity.

What the trip includes:

* Camping for both Friday and Saturday nights
* Breakfast and lunch both Saturday and Sunday, dinner Friday and Saturday nights
* Guided hikes both Saturday and Sunday
* An eguide for the weekend, with details (including a map and route description) for each hike, as well as information about the area.
* Campfires with s’mores both nights

Not a camper?

Love the idea of winter hiking at the coast, but not so much the idea of winter camping? The Elizabethtown Inn is 9 minutes from Jones Lake State Park; check out their rooms here.

Group size

To keep our visit to Jones Lake an intimate experience, as well as for your safety, this trip is limited to 10 hikers.

Planning meeting

We will hold a planning meeting for this trip via Zoom on Monday, Feb. 28 , at 6 p.m. We’ll go over logistics of the trip, give an overview of the hiking, and touch on any special gear requirements. We will also take a look at the weather forecast. An invitation will be mailed upon registration.

To Register

To officially register for this trip, visit: https://getgoingnc.com/shop/gethiking-winter-weekend-escape-to-jones-lake-state-park/

Simply signing up on this site does not guarantee a spot on the hike.

GetBackpacking! Intro to Backpacking class

South Mountains State Park



We launched our GetBackpacking! program in 2014; since then, we've graduated more than 250 new backpackers. Here's the plan for our Spring 2022 session:

* Getting to know you, getting to know your gear, Wednesday, Feb. 23, 5:30 p.m. via Zoom. We will spend the first few minutes getting to know each other and learning why we're all here. Then, we’ll present a quick overview of the class and the goals of each session, before getting down to the nitty gritty of gear. We will go over five of the main pieces of gear you’ll need to backpack, discussing the range of options and showing specific examples of each. 1.5 hours.

* Training Day, March 5, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. In full gear, we will meet at Goose State Park, Washington, for a 5-hour training session that will go over: Evaluating a campsite, setting up camp, breaking camp, meal preparation (including the various food and cooking options on the trail), and more. Expect to hike about 4 miles in full pack, during which we will work on hiking technique (including the use of trekking poles); ensuring a good pack fit by adjusting your pack during the hike to make sure it continues to fit; and more.

* Graduation hike, March 18-20. Three-day, two-night trip to South Mountains State Park near Morganton (http://ncparks.gov/south-mountains-state-park), a great place for your first trip.

Cost of the program is $295, which includes:
Instruction, including:
* Zoom gear session
* 5-hour in-field training session
* Graduation weekend
Info packet, including:
* Gear lists
* Tips sheets for:
* Packing
* Water crossings
* Winter camping
* GetBackpacking! Guide to 10 Great Places to Backpack in North Carolina once you’ve graduated
* eguide outlining the program and covering what you’ll learn
* 20 percent off coupon to Great Outdoor Provision Co.

Loaner gear. We have a limited number of backpacks and tents available on a first-requested, first-awarded basis, at no extra charge.'

REFUND POLICY: Full refunds will be offered for cancellations made more 14 days prior to the event. Credit will be give for cancellations made 3 to 13 days before the event. No refunds for cancelations made 2 days or less before the start of the event.

NOTE: Minimum age for the program is 13, ages 13 through 17 must be in the program with an adult (we define adult, generously, as anyone 18 or older).

NOTE: TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS, GO HERE: https://getgoingnc.com/shop/getbackpacking-intro-to-backpacking-greenville-nc/

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