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What we’re about

Our goal is to help you explore the abundance of wonderful natural places North Carolina has to offer. If you're a beginner, we'll make sure that you never hike alone (unless you want to!). We'll also teach you how to become an intrepid hiker capable of exploring wherever (the rugged Linville Gorge Wilderness, for instance) and whenever (at night!). And we'll take advantage of the opportunities for paddling, cycling, and maybe trying a new activity or two! We're aided in our efforts to get out and explore by Great Outdoor Provision Co., which provides us space for clinics and meetings, and pays the fee for our Meetup site.

This group should appeal to two types of explorers. One, the already adventurous type who gets out some (though never enough). With the abundance of great places to explore — for starters, there are more than 2,500 miles of marked paddle trail in Eastern North Carolina — there are likely places you aren't familiar with. We'll help you fill in those gaps. But we're also interested in the adventure-curious, those of you who've seen caravans of cars bearing kayaks on a country road and thought, "I wonder where they're going?" Or perhaps you've heard someone talk about hiking in a maritime forest, or taking a 50-mile road ride with nary a hill and precious little traffic. No gear? No worries; we'll help you sample these great adventures to see if they're really your passion.