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Vibram will be hosting educational speakers at our Vibram Experience Center who are passionate about the outdoors, rock climbing, yoga, minimalist running, health & wellness, and many other activities. We are hoping to create a community where people can get together to learn about a sport or hobby that they want to gain more knowledge about. This will give people the opportunity to ask our speaker any questions and/or to share their own personal experiences with a group that has similar interests.

All speaker events will be free to attend! There will be light snacks & beverages available throughout the seminar. All members who attend an event will receive Vibram store discounts, fun giveaways, and will be entered into a raffle to win free shoes and other great prizes.

If you or someone has knowledge of the Vibram brand and would like to be considered as a future speaker for an activity you are passionate about, please let us know!

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Overcoming Mental Obstacles preventing YOU from Achieving Healthy Goals

Carolyn Kaufman is a Mindset Coach who helps people overcome the mental obstacles that prevent them from hitting their healthy goals. In this first speaker series class, Carolyn will talk about: -Learn the process behind your thoughts -How your thoughts affect your surroundings -How to use different exercises to gain control and design a life you love There will be free appetizers, drinks, store discounts, and prizes for those who attend! We hope to see you there!

A Life of Exploration + Curiosity w/ speaker Roquita Coleman-Williams

Learn the importance of how travel + living an adventurous lifestyle can benefit you both in your personal and work life FREE FOOD + DRINKS!!!

Understanding Stress Management with Mindset Coach, Carolyn Kaufman

Mindset Coach, Carolyn Kaufman, is back to talk about understanding stress management, which plays a major role in hitting your health goals. Carolyn will discuss the following in this session: -Understanding how too much stress sets us up for obesity and other chronic conditions -How to manage your stress in 60 seconds for free whenever you need it -The tools to heal effectively so you can move forward with a sense of ease and flow There will be free snacks, drinks, store discounts, and prizes for all who attend! We hope to see you there!

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