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Are you someone who has big ideas, plans, and dreams for their life, and, more importantly, are acting on them to move your life forward in a meaningful way? Then welcome?!

A group of diverse, engaged people who
- Want more from life than most people, whether that's career, friendships, quality of life, or just plain 'ole happiness and are willing to work at it
- Try to make decisions consciously based on a long term vision of where we want to be
- Think about where we're going, and how we're going to get there
- Want to surround ourselves with other motivated people who will support, encourage, and inspire us
- Like to get past small talk to dig into deeper questions of goals, life plans, and contribution to the world around us.

- Regular coffee meetups (bring a notebook!) with a "Question of The Day" theme, and worksheets to get us thinking about our life goals and what we can do to accomplish them.
- Occasional discussion evenings with professionals; life coach, psychologist, financial planners etc.
- Random adventures (Hikes, road trips, theatre, game nights) but with a focus on conversation that challenges and inspires us to expand and improve our lives.
- Occasional charitable excursions, aimed at giving back to the community and inspiring us to look outside ourselves

- Come with your own goals and plans that you want to focus on (eg. starting a business, changing career, developing a hobby, minimizing and organizing your possessions, getting on top of finances, improving relationships with family and friends, using your free time in a more meaningful way, writing a book, creating art, planning ambitious travel - or anything else you want to improve)
- At each meetup, everyone is asked to share one thing that has inspired them recently (eg. a TED talk/book/podcast/documentary/lecture/class/workshop) and to talk a little about it. We also set challenges for each other, and hold everyone accountable!
- We all share resources, so if you know/need a great accountant, personal trainer, housekeeper, or teacher of any kind, this is the place to share and recommend great people who can make our lives that little bit better
- Regular coffee meetups are free, but a small fee applies for discussion nights with invited professionals.

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