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Recently, I have become aware that the quality of my thoughts have an impact on my life. " What we think, we become" Buddha
the Law of Attraction is a universal law - whatever you put your energy, focus or attention on you will get more of in your life, whether negative or positive and there is way more to learn about this extraordinary law. I am not an expert by all means but I like to learn more and there are tons of resources out there. lets learn together!

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Mediumship: Linking to loved ones once again

Waltham Public Library

Mediumship is the ability to sense Spirit of those who have lived on earth before and decipher the messages they wish to share with us. In a gallery setting , with tenderness, humor and humility, Kim and Leslie connect to the other side and share messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Their purpose is to facilitate the healing that comes the feeling of deep connection, presence and unconditional love. The interpreters: ~Leslie Gabriele: Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairempath "energetic catalyst" who is guided in the moment without attachment ~ Kim Anderson: A practicing Psychic/ Medium who helps others feel and embrace the loving qualities of the light.

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