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There are many people interested in the paranormal, and many groups who investigate places that are possibly haunted. Most groups focus on gathering proof of the paranormal with pictures, video, recordings, etc. But in this group, we are past needing proof. We accept that the paranormal exists (though sometimes faked). And once you accept that ghosts can be real, you have to ask yourself: why do people hang around after they die? Are they stuck? Lost? In need of help? Yes, sometimes! We believe many ghosts are people who are "earthbound" because they died so traumatically or suddenly that they don't know they are dead. Some ghosts realize they are dead but are sometimes stuck in the horror of their death, or are angry, or waiting for someone to come home. Did you know that we can help them?

This group is about offering healing and communication to those who are earthbound. We welcome anyone interested in ghosts and the paranormal, but specifically those who have healing and help in their hearts for tragic souls. We offer training in the arts of Ghost Healing and Spirit Communication, expeditions to haunted places, and services to the public. Check out events on this meetup and on our Facebook site for details: www.facebook.com/ghosthealers (https://www.facebook.com/ghosthealers/).

Do you believe your place might be haunted? Are you in need of healing services for yourself, your loved ones, or your house? We will come to your house and tell you what we think, and if we agree, we can provide healing and communication. Contact MorningStar directly if we can help! morningstar@ghosthealers.com

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