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NJ Gathering of Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking People 10

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Needs a location


Repost from facebook page (, please join the FB event to stay updated:

All of you know the drill by now, same place, etc, etc.


1. Don't park on the hill*
2. Don't go to the hill BEFORE I do**
3. Have fun***
4. HELMETS****
5. No sponsors*****

*: I can park on the hill because, I can. If anyone feels as if the have a valid reason as to why they can as well, please feel free to message me on the almighty Facebook.
**: Again, if you are going to be getting dropped off at the hill BEFORE I'll be there. PLEASE, let me know ahead of time.
***: If you don't have fun, you're doing it wrong
****: No exceptions, for serious.
*****: Sponsors will be accepted, recognized, and allowed. I just will not be e-mailing for sponsors this time around again. Not only do I not have the proper time to do so BUT, I don't want to have a buncha little fuckers feeling their entitlement to free shit.

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