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You love your music, you wanna go see that band, maybe travel to another place just to get your musical fix. Your friends don't get your taste, your drive for the live sound & your hunger for the magic of real performance. Nobody wants to be that lonely last tour t-shirt propping up the bar in a town you don't know, wandering back to your digs, elated with the post gig buzz but nobody to share it with. We get it! We're with you :-)

Here's how it goes: You join up, we post gig details for events up & down the UK, you hit that RSVP for the ones that tickle your muffin, you meet the other squaddies there & Bob's your Marley, problem solved.

Oh, and there's more ... You see any gigs you fancy that ducked our radar, you let us know & we'll post it up here pronto. If non of the other organisers are up for that particular show then maybe you can even host the event yourself, you know, turn up, shake some hands, make some friends, enjoy the show. It's as easy as that, really!

Oh & before you go, just one more thing... If you play in a band & want to promote your live gig here, let us know. Build a fan base, meet your adoring public & fill those empty places in your front row. Get in touch, we're all about the grass roots & local talent. Very happy to host or set you up to host exactly this sort of thing no matter how modest your following currently is.

All musical genres are game, we have no prejudices here. Real music fans know you need to taste it all, right?

Going forward, as you may have noticed, this group is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK but there is no limit to where the gigs we post are happening so we're looking for organisers to help set up Gig Squad divisions all over the UK & perhaps even further afield. This could get big & it should.

Laters, music fans.

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O2 Academy Newcastle

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