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We have 3 speakers confirmed and here they are:

Christoph Glur:
ipub helped WeValue build a full business application in Shiny, and deployed it as an SaaS to the web. In his talk, he depicts an open source architecture that brings security and scalability to Shiny.
Christoph is the founder of ipub, a financial technology innovation consultancy. He is the author of the data.tree and ahp packages, and a community manager at GigBuzz.

Christoph Sax:
In his entertaining talk "R Secrets They Don't Want You to Know", Christoph will present his treasured list of heretical things he does in R. "Conventional wisdom tells you not to do them. But if you do, they turn out to be just great", he admits, not showing any sign of embarrassment.
Christoph is an R consultant at cynkra. He helps companies and organizations to pick the right methods, to implement solutions, code review and to keep an open mind.

Vladimir Khmyrov:
Vlad will use some gganimate wizardry to bring plots to life. If you have ever seen Rosling's acclaimed TED talks, you know what to expect. He will use some of his recent yield curve studies as an illustration.
Vlad is a seasoned Quant Analyst, currently serving as CTO with Fisch Asset Management. He is an active member of the GigBuzz meetup group.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

GigBuzz team