What we're about

WTF Night for Women, Trans, Femme cyclists looking for support, knowledge, and friendship!

Our Objectives:

1) Foster a positive girl culture founded in third wave and modern feminism.

2) Use bicycles responsibly as a vehicle for joy, transportation, and well-being.

3) Promote knowledge of bicycle maintenance and repair as a means of empowerment and self efficacy.

4) Become mechanics over time through error, research, and evolution.

5) Volunteer and give back to the community through what we've learned.

My name is Jill, and I'll be leading the group until we have enough momentum and feedback to begin with other leaders. I moved to Seattle from Iowa, and in my free time I am sometimes a school teacher, graduate student, and performer. I have raced road, mountain, and gravel very slowly, and I've been car-free in Iowa winters. I have worked as a volunteer in the Iowa City bicycle community behind Gravel Scouts and Rad Tour for seven years. Because education is my greatest passion, and bicycles likely second, I know that we all need a place to exercise this free of judgement, and with similar goals.

Please ask me if you'd like to lead a group, if you have any feedback, or if you just wanna be like "HayyyyYyyYy".

Tits up; rubberside down.

Upcoming events (2)

Commiseration Thursday

Cafe Racer

This is just a regular old ride for about an hour to hour and a half with beverages after. We can make it longer if you'd like. We ride... TO VALHALLA

Bainbridge Island Ferry Ride

Eastlake Coffee & Cafe

We will be meeting at Eastlake's Voxx Coffee and headed toward downtown to take a ferry to Bainbridge Island wheere we will ride around like crazy happy biking babies.

Past events (10)

Ride BurkeBaguette + clean up Ballard

Peddlers Brewing Company

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