Intro to Java

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This one-day class is aimed at beginners with little or no programming experience and is a prerequisite for the upcoming 'Intro to Android' class on April 25/26 ( Attendees will be introduced to concepts such as boolean logic, primitives, variables, conditionals, and loops using Java.

Java is a popular, general purpose programming language which runs on various platforms like desktops, web servers and Android phones. It is also an object oriented programming language where data structures are organized as objects that can talk to each other. It’s the topmost programming language in the world (July 2014) as ranked by IEEE (

Here's the outline for the day:

• Open IntelliJ and write Hello World

• Brief History of Java

• Primitives, Variables & Methods

• Exercises on Primitives, Variables, and Methods

• Lunch (12.30 - 1.15)

• Conditionals & Loops

• Exercises on Conditionals & Loops

• Strings, Arrays, Lists, Maps

• Exercises on Arrays, Strings, Lists, and Maps

• Homework exercises (Class ends at 5pm)

By the end of the day, attendees will have a basic understanding of Java to be able to write programs using IntelliJ. This will prepare them to easily pick up Android development and other object oriented languages.


• Bring a laptop and charger to class.

• Download & install IntelliJ Community Edition version[masked] (

• Download & install Java ( JDK.

About the instructor:

Travis Himes is a Senior Software Engineer specializing in Android at DramaFever ( with more than 10 years of experience, 3 years of which are building Android applications. Travis has given talks at AnDevCon as well as the Philly Android Alliance, he has also taught fellow developers the basics of Android development. Travis is a fan of keyboard shortcuts, and really anything that saves time in increases repeatability; his .bashrc file is a mile long and fraught with aliases and functions to speed his work, and save him from typing long commands over and over. He has many hobbies, and enjoys finding new ones all the time - if it involves learning something new, he's likely to be involved.

Parking: This location is within steps of the 34th MFL. There's street parking available nearby as well as a parking lot on 34th between Market and Chestnut that is $13 per day.

All attendees are expected to abide by the Girl Develop It Code of Conduct (

Unemployed or in financial distress and interested in taking this class? Apply for a scholarship (

Interesting in TA-ing this class? Get in touch with Yasmine at [masked].