Intro to Git and Github

Hosted by Girl Develop It Seattle/Tacoma

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Ever make changes that broke your code and forgot how it was working before? Want to work together with someone on a code project, but aren't sure who has the latest version of a particular file? Version control can solve these and other problems!

Git is a popular version control application that can track your code changes, as well as help you to be more methodical in your programming. Win-win! This session will introduce the basics of version control, how to use git to keep track of your changes to a project, and using GitHub (a hosting service) to collaborate with other developers.

This hands-on workshop will combine short lectures with lots of practice. We will discuss the fundamentals of version control and what makes Git different than other options. By the end, you will have installed Git, initialized a local repository, made some commits to it, rolled back some commits, connected it to a remote repository on Github, pushed and pulled data over that connection, forked someone else's Github repository, and submitted a pull request to them. Cool, right?! These are all the most common activities that you'll use Git and Github for in real life, and we'll walk you through doing all of them at least once. You'll also be provided with resources to continue learning.

Want to try Git out right now? Github has a 15-minute tutorial you can go through on your own here.


This class will not use actual code when committing to a GitHub repository, so no need to worry about knowing a particular programming language. A willingness to use the command line to execute commands is necessary. We will be changing directory, listing directory contents, and using git from command line throughout the class. If you're a Mac or Linux user, this intro would be a good way to familiarize yourself with the command line:

Note: If you are running Mac OSX 10.7 or earlier, please plan to arrive 30 minutes early so we can help you get a head start on installing Git.