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June meetup

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June meetup


Join us in June! We have three distinguished speakers lined up for talks about career and tech.

“My First Serverless Application” - Kris Howard

Kris kept hearing about AWS Lambda and wondering what the fuss was all about. So she decided to use it to recreate a PHP script she’d written and had been running in a traditional manner on a server with a cron job. Did she succeed? Come along and find out.

About Kris: Kris Howard has been building websites in one form or another for over twenty years, at companies like Channel Nine and Canva. These days she heads up Developer Relations for YOW Conferences, meeting and working with developers around Australia.

"Pivoting your career" - Georgina Robilliard

Pivot is a framework former Googler Jenny Blake developed to help people use the skills they have built through experience to seek new challenges and change their careers.After spending 7 years working behind the scenes in the recruitment industry, it was time for a pivot of my own! In this talk I'll give an overview of the Pivot framework and how it can help you decide when, how and where to pivot, as well as sharing a little of my personal experience along the way.

About Georgina: Georgina loves helping people who are passionate at what they do succeed at work every day. Formerly of Lookahead Search, currently Head of People and Culture at Insured By Us. Wine, cheese and sausage dog enthusiast.

"Time For Us: A React Story" - Pauline Kelly

Starting a side project can be a bit daunting in a lot of ways. You have a great idea, do the planning, and then the air changes from being under your sails to somewhere else entirely! If you have a good, simple idea, this is the best way to start. It’s hard, because there isn’t much in the way of external motivators with side projects.

About Pauline: Pauline started doing computer science when she realised that microbiology was not for her. Fast forward a few years and she dipped her toes into lots of cool areas likes infrastructure, web/android software development, automation and data analysis. Pauline really enjoys programming and aspire to write beautiful, maintainable code that people like to read. Lately, Pauline's been learning React and programming a robot arm to move and recognise images!
Level 6, 341 George Street · Sydney
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