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Beautiful LADIEZ!!!!!

My name is 2FLY...and I'm just that....a Fly Grrl thatz TooFLy!!!!

I have a group here in the Valley called "Bisexual Ladiez in the Valley." It's been up for 7 years now and I'm lovin' it!!!! We are a platonic group of Bisexual ladiez that LOVE to have fun!!!! However, I notice that many of us want to meet other beautiful ladiez. So I figured, why not start this "spin-off" group for us SINGLE, BEAUTIFUL, FLY-ASS LADIEZ, that want to meet other SINGLE, BEAUTIFUL, FLY-ASS LADIEZ...

AND THERE ARE A LOT OF US OUT THERE;;;))))) WE are ALL around the Valley!!! From the East to the West! Anthem to Maricopa! This group is for ALL of us beautiful, SEXXXY, ladiez that wanna meet some other ladiez and just be PROUD of who YOU are!

This is my "non-platonic" group. This group is for single, dating, married....BISEXUAL AND LESBIAN WOMEN that want to meet and possibly date other BISEXUAL AND LESBIAN WOMEN!

There are SOOOOO many lovely ladiez out there and I realize that we all love each other. So why not???;))))

I LOVE to party! So I say, let's all meet and see if we click! Let's mingle at house parties or get a VIP area at a club and "socialize." Let's go to the GIRL CLUBS and kick-it!

This group is open to women born with vaginas, that're Bisexual or Lesbian. Sorry, no men in any way shape or form. No disrespect to any other group, but I want to focus on what I know about. Please do not say I'm being discriminatory. I've tried to have my other group open to another group within the LGBT community, but unfortunately, drama reared it's ugly head and I couldn't have that. So I had to limit it. I'm sorry if this offends you. If it does, this may not be the group for you. But there are PLENTY of other LGBTQ groups in the Valley that may meet your needs.

So let me be clear, this group is for Bisexual and Lesbian women born with vaginas. And let me also be clear that even if you were born with a vagina and are drama-filled, that doesn't work either. You'll get the boot.

Oh wait, let me also say that I'm not promoting cheating. I've been cheated on...and it hurts. So be adult about this. I don't want any happy homes broken up. Don't get involved if you know that you can't. This is not fair to your gf/bf, signifcant other, etc. It's also not fair to the unsuspecting lady that may like you. Just don't do it.

My groups are not about drama. Just FUN! So If you are single, dating, or even married and your significant other is open to what you do, than let's go!

Please JOIN US and let's meet up for drinks! WARNING: If you join this group, you may meet a hottie!!! I hope you do! But we are all grown and need to respect each other. I do not tolerate disrepect or drama. So please don't bring it. I just want you to meet a lovely lady and get ur date on! So if you join, I assume that's what you want as well! So don't be surprised if a lovely lady has their eye on you;) Just respect each other pls;)

Let's get this Girl-GRRL dating GOING!!!!!

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