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We all enjoy our "alone" time and maybe our "family" time - but don't you sometimes want to enjoy "girlfriends" time? Come out and play with us!

Some of my most enjoyable times over the past few years are the times I spend with other women - traveling, laughing, enjoying a spa visit, sightseeing, drinking, philosophizing, philosophizing while drinking...

This is a SOCIAL group - a group that comes together to enjoy experiences that we might not enjoy solo, whether getting away to Palm Springs, cruising the Caribbean, volunteering for a worthwhile cause, visiting the Parthenon or just checking out the newest Vegas eatery.

This is not a place to fish for clients! If you belong to 57 other groups or you can't leave home without your business cards, this is probably not a good fit for you. This not a space to find or bring drama; divas and self-appointed princesses will be exiled. This is a group for grown-ass women who come together as equals. No popularity contests - we aren't in high school any more. I'm just sayin'...

If you want to spend time with friends who won't bug you when you want to be alone, this might be the group for you. You can turn strangers into acquaintances, and develop long-lasting friendships - or just pop in on occasion when you feel like being around people.

I'm not a travel agent or events planner - I won't do your homework, or chase you around to get your reservation. But I promise to plan events that support making friendships and making memories.

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