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Digital storytelling: how technology has disrupted the way we share stories

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Journalists and storytellers now work in an environment dominated by digital. Sharing our world through stories has been radically transformed by the web. A multiplicity of voices and narrative. A broader diversity of perspectives. The 24/7 availability of information. The longevity and un-erasability of digital content. A higher level of scrutiny of everything around us, from the behaviour of powerful people, to the banal details of the lives of celebrities, to the examination of social justice issues and inequality in global online communities.

This month, we’re unpacking the theme of how digital has rocked the traditional journalistic landscape with the help of two media movers and shakers.

Introducing our speakers:

Erika Tustin - Digital Editor, Toronto Star (@erikatustin (

Erika Tustin is the digital editor at the Toronto Star, responsible for editorial strategy of and its apps. A graduate of Ryerson University, Erika has previously worked as a reporter and editor for various Canadian publications, and has held senior positions at the Star in Life and Entertainment. She can usually be found with her hands permanently attached to her phone.

Erika's topic:

"Growing your audience"

What do we need to consider in the 24/7, multi-platform news cycle? Erika will dive into why adapting storytelling to phone, tablet, laptop and social (and maybe even smartwatch) matters.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud - Social Media Editor, Buzzfeed Canada (@elamin88 (

Elamin Abdelmahmoud is the social media editor for Buzzfeed Canada. He's interested in messing around with the weird role social media is starting to play in telling news and stories. Before Buzzfeed, he handled social media for TVO's Current Affairs and Documentaries. He also worked on The Agenda with Steve Paikin and CBC's The National. He'll only reply to your tweets if you make a Beyoncé reference, but you can follow him @elamin88.

Elamin's topic:

"lol WTF Is A Website? : The next internet is social, and that's going to change a few things"

You thought the internet changed how we tell stories? Wait until social media changes what we call "the Internet." Storytelling is yet again changing, and its next evolution is within social media. Consequently, everything we knew about being a successful digital storyteller is already outdated. Enough with the old. Let's talk about the new.

SYPA (Stuff You'll Probably Ask):

You: What time do the presentations start?

Us: Doors open at 6:30pm and we begin the talks at 7:00pm. Before and after the talks, there are opportunities for conversations, and the enjoyment of refreshments and hors d'oeuvres.

You: Hors d'oeuvres, you say? Is there dinner?

Us: We always organize food and beverages for everyone, be it sandwiches or hot appetizers. Come hungry.

You: Are guys allowed to come?

Us: Yes. Our group is accessible to all women and men while maintaining a strong support for women in technology.

You: Why the $10 fee?

Us: All monies collected go directly to bringing you a top tier experience with notable speakers each month. Some months we get help with sponsorship and others months we do not, so the small fee balances out over the year and ensures that the events can continue to grow. Food and refreshments are provided each month and vary based on the venue. Your $10 directly goes towards covering the costs of food, drinks, hosting of our web spaces and other costs incurred to run events. We are a non-profit group run by volunteer organizers and we do not make money through this group.

You: Are you taking pictures at the event?

Us: Please note that we may take photographs or videos of the event, including attendees, individually or in groups. These photos or videos may appear in future publications, on our website, social media channels, or other promotions. By participating in the event, attendees consent to have their photograph taken or for any video to be recorded and subsequently shown.