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Welcome to Girlfriend Goal Group: We Create Our Happiness With Gal Pals!

You are invited to join our Meetup group! We are a group of dynamic women from all backgrounds and beliefs that come together monthly to share our goals, create goal buddies and share life together. We are all growing and going in life and it is important to pause and take time to create memories with women we can be authentic and open with.

We are women growing with purpose, understanding and inspiration. Deep inside we choose to live life fully and want to express life creatively. We have no boundaries and we share from our heart. We see light at the end of tunnel and we choose to help others when they fall into dark times because we might need the support one day too.

Our main goal is that your feel like you have a place where you belong! We choose gratitude and happiness over separation and suffering.

We will share our successes and our challenges together so we can be in a group where we are not judged but supported and encouraged. Your goals can be as diverse as just wanting to get out of the house to meet like minded women to taking over the world to getting healthier, reaching financial or business goals to creating a loving and healthy relationship to spiritual growth and healing. Whether you have your life together or starting over you are welcomed at our Girlfriends Goal Group. This group is designed for every type of woman from interns, to stay at home moms to women in the workforce to executives and CEO's. We will all come together and encourage each other to reach our highest potential and enjoy life along the way.

We will have different speakers share some secrets with us when needed and we will create community in our city having dinner, going on retreats, happy hours to adventures and traveling. Being surrounded by the right connections to support your growth in your in your goals creates shortcuts to happiness and success!

We are taking out the old thinking of "no fun while doing hard work" and instead replacing it with "you can have fun while working smart on yourself, your friendships and career/business."

Each month we will be gathering and sharing one or two of our goals and aligning ourselves with others that have similar goals whether it is for more friendships, fitness goals, personal growth or business goals, or all the above, we will have mini groups to connect you with to create new goal buddies!

When you have accountability and friendship combined with a intentional goals, your success in your life is limitless.

“Community is a central part of human happiness. One of the biggest nurturers of femininity is intentional community.” ~Teal Swan

Join our Girlfriends Goal Group Facebook with over 1400 women: https://www.facebook.com/groups/girlfriendgroup/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/girlfriendgroup/)

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