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Hello lady wanderer,

I am so excited for the massive interest in this group!

You may be wondering who I am, who this group is for and my plans for it. Let me elaborate.

Do you have that itch under your skin that you get when it’s been far too long since you’ve explored a new place? Are you dying for a long weekend to soak up the sunshine where you can skip the makeup, forget the blowdryer, and no one is asking you to do anything? Is your bucket list rivaling the length of your to-do list?

It’s a resounding yes to all the above for me.

You see, my life as a travel agent sends me around the globe often and here’s one thing I’ve discovered: some of my favorite trips are totally work-related, which is weird. My industry is female dominated so, more often than not, these familiarization trips send me to places I’ve never been, by myself, to meet up with a group of women that I most often don’t know – and it’s fantastic. Let me walk you through how it usually goes:

I get where I’m going, check into my room, close the door and… silence. I hit peace – my out of office message is on, my three-nager is back home, and no one is asking me to do anything.We usually have a welcome cocktail party and dinner to mingle with sales reps and other agents. By the time that’s over, many drinks have been had and the beginning of a camaraderie is there.By the second night, we’ve gotten friendlier and it usually leads several more drinks with dinner. We trade war stories about woman-ing, wife-ing, mom-ing and more. At this point, without fail, we somehow wind up at a karaoke bar, riding a mechanical bull, entering a paddleboard contest or something equally ridiculous.The next day, we’re long lost BFFs nursing hangovers at brunch and remembering that we’re too old for nights like that.We do it again anyway.

By the time I head home I have new friends, hilarious stories, and despite guaranteed exhaustion, jump back into reality refreshed from my time away. And these are work trips. Like, I’m still actually working on these trips.

Beyond my wanderlust, these trips are my reset button because I am pulled from my everyday and get a chance to disconnect from the mental load (http://time.com/money/4561314/women-work-home-gender-gap/) from home. In a nutshell? These trips are for my mental health. This is my “me” time.

Every time I come home and chat with my girlfriends about my latest adventure, they look wistfully to the sky.

“I don’t have enough girlfriends for a girls trip.”
“I wish I knew a group of women who would go.”
“I’m scared to travel alone.”
“I’m so jealous.”

Stop. This group is for you.

Whether you’re single or married, 25 or 65, sometimes you just want to get away from it all. With safety in numbers, here’s your group! We plan amazing trips for you to travel with a group of women and see the world. From weekend beach getaways to two weeks across Europe, there’s always a bucket list trip to check off.

Of course you don't have to go on every trip, you can just sign up for the ones you prefer. All trips will have group pricing and special perks, and I am not adding any additional fees to join in.

Welcome! See you soon.

Sara Locke
Founder, wanderer, fidgeter.

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Venice & Greek Isles Trip [Tentative Dates]

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Land in Venice for 3 nights before we board a 7 night cruise around the Greek Isles. Enjoy a fascinating weeklong cruise from Venice, exploring the Greek Isles and also stopping at Montenegro and Croatia. Discover Kotor, a beautiful walled medieval city of twisting, pink-paved streets, markets and architecture reflecting Byzantine to Venetian influences. While in Santorini, visit the beautiful whitewashed hilltop towns of Oia and Fira and their breathtaking views of the caldera below. And enjoy wandering through the narrow, winding streets of Mykonos, a delightful seaside village with its whitewashed houses, flowers and brightly painted shutters and doors.

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Turks & Caicos Takeover

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