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Hi, Welcome to Girls Hiking Club! My name is Betsy, the organizer.

I started this group after relocating to Sherman Oaks. I only had a single friend / hiking partner that lived nearby. We tried to hike together as much as possible but because of conflicting schedules, I was mostly exploring the trails alone.

Hiking alone meant sticking to short busy trails I felt safe in. My desire to venture out and explore new, longer hikes was met with a feeling of intimidation. I finally built up the courage for a 12 mile hike through Angeles National Forest. There were others along the trail for the first two miles but not a single person for the remainder of the hike. After that slightly terrifying experience I decided no more long solo hikes.

Girls Hiking Club’s first hike was February 27, 2016. Since then, our group has grown and many great friendships have been built.

Whether you’re new to the area or just looking for hiking partners, you now have a group of friends to hike with.

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