What we're about

Whether you are a total newbie or an MX pro, GRT is a place where you can be yourself, grow your skills and connect with other women that aren’t afraid to get a little dirty.

Girls Ride “Toosday” is a growing movement in the female rider community. With a home base at Leadville MX Park in Leadville, CO and now expanding to Thunder Valley MX in Denver,CO, GRT holds private riding events for female riders. Here we come to grow our skills, find a sense of community and be surrounded by like-minded women who share the love of dirt bikes, empowerment, and just plain fun.

Established in 2015, GRT has grown each summer with continued support from local tracks, dealers, reps, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, the female riders that fuel our passion for riding, racing, and the community that comes with that. Looking forward, the goal of GRT is to continue to grow its presence and allow this movement to reach riders everywhere. We want to create opportunities to give female riders everything they need to find their space in the many areas of this sport that we all love.

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"Toosday's" at Leadville MX Park


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