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RSVP before all slots are filled! You WILL love it!

FREE Spa Day at Planet Beach:Â Relax, Renew and get your Glow on!Â

Planet Beach in GLENDALE is opening their spa at 7:00 p.m. exclusively for "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"!  Erica will assist us for these exclusive arrangements.Â

Gratuities are not required, but would be very much appreciated.

Small Print: one offer per person, products and spray tan not included, no outside products allowed – none required. Erica will have some free samples available.


10 slots per day - all start promptly at 7PM, should finish around 9PM

Address: 6525 W. Happy Valley Rd. Suite C107, Glendale, AZ, 85310Phone: 623-572-2525

Services include:

Luminous Facial

Our Luminous Facial is the first complete, naturally-advanced FDA approved skincare treatment ( that uses light therapy to repair and firm your skin. It works when the light therapy combines with our topical skincare products and dietary supplements to create a radiant glow that starts from within. Look younger, healthier and more refreshed without the pain of injections or the recovery time of a chemical peel.

Other benefits include:

v Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles

v Clear and soothe problem skin

v Creates even skin tone and texture

v Purges and closes clogged pores

v Immediately lifts and tightens

v Stimulates cell renewal

v Lightens sun and age spots (

Cyber-Relax Massage

Designed for the ultimate in relaxation, our Cyber-Relax massage therapy chair ( uses a Point
Navi Sensor to scan your body’s shape and posture, customizing your experience from 509
different massage combinations. So sit back, relax, and let us do all the work for you.

Other benefits include:

v Improved blood circulation

v Increased flexibility

v Decreased muscle tension

v Decrease in harmful body toxins

v Stress and fatigue reduction

v Invigorates tired muscles


Experience total relaxation with HydroMassage; a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of traditional massage therapy ( in a fraction of the time. You remain fully clothed in the privacy of your own room, and a powerful wave of heated water pressure massages the target areas your body, providing the following benefits:

Other benefits include:

v Helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety

v Provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains

v Relaxation provides a feeling of well-being

v Temporarily increases circulation where massaged

v Helps relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and tension

Hydro-Derma Fusion

With a combination of infrared heat and nutrient-rich dense steam, your body will be renewed, rejuvenated and completely hydrated from tip to toe. Comparable to a body wrap or steam bath, our Hydro-Derma Fusion takes just 20 minutes, but will harmonize and rebalance your skin, leaving it fresh, glowing and radiant.

Other benefits include:

v Deeply moisturized skin

v Increase in skin elasticity

v Increase in collagen

v Cleanses pores, preparing them for product penetration

v Improved tone and texture

v Extends the results of UV and UV-Free therapy sessions

RED Light Therapy

Red Light therapy has recently gained more popularity in the spa industry and people have been experiencing amazing results. This service was discovered by NASA and is characterized by infrared light. Infrared is a unique type of light that has a stronger wavelength than other types of light so it can penetrate deeper into the skin.


You pick how long – stand up or lay down. [Spray tan is not included]



The Planet Beach in Scottsdale is checking their schedule to have “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” to their shop during the month of March!! Details to follow!


A fresh, comfortable 100% cotton robe is provided, along with a bag for your clothing. The schedule is flexible and all services are your option - so if you want to skip one or two, that is okay!


Pick your day soon, before they all get booked!!


FRIDAYS at 7:00 PM






10 slots per day - all start promptly at 7PM, should finish around 9PM

Address:Â 6525 W. Happy Valley Rd. Suite C107, Glendale, AZ, 85310Â Â Â Â Â Â Phone:Â 623-572-2525

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