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Real Estate Investing Workshop: How to Scale Your Business to 5 or more Deals!
Register in advance using this link: Are you a hard worker and a fast learner? Are you tired of working you butt off to barely make ends meet? To make someone else successful? To make someone else's dreams come true? Are you ready for a change? A new opportunity? Come learn from powerful local investors, here in the Salt Lake Valley, who are doing 5 or more Fix 'n' Flips at a time. Meet our best local real estate investors and work with one of the largest real estate investing groups in the country, introducing people to the concepts of financial freedom. We will also talk about Short Term Financial Strategies and Long Term Wealth building. This way start saving money today and you can also learn how to pass your wealth on to future generations. We cover a few things on taxes and other ways to make money working with our team!!! Do not miss this awesome opportunity! Bring a pen and paper as you'll want to take a lot of notes!


Sandy · Sandy, UT