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Ladies Boxing Class.
I've been asked to put on a Ladies Only Boxing Class. And so, here it is! I just do what I'm told! ;) Boxing has been termed a Skill, an Art, The Sweet Science, a Beautiful and Terrible Contest, The Noble Art of Self-Defence, and, of course, is recognised as being one of the most effective and enduring forms of Self-Defence ever. As a Personal Trainer, I use Boxing Training on a Daily Basis to improve clients fitness levels, and reduce Body Fat percentages. Boxing is by turns simple and yet complicated. It involves anticipation, reading of body language, and swift reaction times. A combination of chess & dancing, with a soupcon of violence thrown in to sweeten the dish. :) Whether you eventually want to take up competitive Boxing, or use it just as a recreational pastime, at this class you will learn the fundamentals necessary to take you onto the next stage. Boxing will up your fitness levels, burn fat, build lean muscle, improve your strength, speed, and endurance. You will feel fitter, healthier, lighter, brighter, more alert, and maybe most importantly happier! Please turn up 10 or 15 minutes early, so the class can start on time. Suitable clothing: sports clothes, joggies, shorts, trainers. If you have your own Boxing Gloves, feel free to bring them, although Boxing Gloves will be available. Also Bring a bottle of water! The only other things you'll need, are a winning attitude and a smile! Let's do this Ladies! :) Introductions & Explanations: The first session will include demonstrations of all the exercises involved and a short introduction to basic Boxing techniques that will be used, and will therefore feel slightly shorter than ensuing sessions. What You Need: Please bring a bottle of water with you, as you will become hot and sweaty! :) Other than that all you need is: Your Shorts, Your Trainers, Your Entry Fee (ยฃ4.50), and a Determination to take up the Challenge! The Serious Stuff: You will be required to fill in a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire) which basically asks if you have any health problems or niggling injuries. If you have High Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, or are taking any medication, or have any other serious medical problems that would preclude you taking part in any intense physical activity, please seek advice from your Doctor before attending these classes. If you any recent physical injury that may impact on your participation please let me know before we begin. If you don't declare any medical ailments, injuries, or other conditions (e.g. Asthma) before commencing these classes, we can't be held accountable for any injury or other outcome that is incurred as a result of taking part in this activity!

Clydeview Boxing Club

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Boxer-Size Challenge Group. Circuit Training class which includes Boxing training techniques: Conditioning, Padwork, Bagwork, Basic Boxing movements. Nothing complicated, just a basic bodyweight circuit class, that will test you to the max! The beauty of circuit training is that you choose the intensity, you set the pace, so much so that it accomodates all fitness levels from beginners to those really wanting to push themselves. Boxers sit at the pinnacle of athletic fitness, by involving yourself in these classes you can take your fitness levels to the next stage!

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