Glasgow WP MeetUp: Pop round Tim's virtual house for a cup of tea

Glasgow WordPress Meetup
Glasgow WordPress Meetup
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Yes we're going to be online again.

This time you are all invited to take a tour of Tim Nash (WordPress Platform Lead at's personal site.
Find out what Plugins he uses, his Theme, workflow. From how he publishes a post to keeping things updated and fast. Tim will spill the beans over a virtual cup of tea on all the secrets to his site.
There should be plenty of time for questions.
Come on! You've spent lots of time looking over the shoulders of online celebs and journos to see what their houses are like... here's a chance to have a good ol' nose around Tim's website and to see how it's put together.
The online link will be published on the day for all those who RSVP. Come and join us. This is 'back to basics' WordPress so there is always lots to learn.