Event #17: Practical WordPress Security, by Tim Nash



Meetup starts at 6:00pm with time for introductions and chatting.

• Talk and Q&A starts at 6:30pm.

About the talk:

So we have all been to the scary WordPress security talk where Tim or someone else frightens you to death, but it's not too dire, in those talks there is a theme beyond despair and that’s every little helps.

So this talk is low on scary tales and high on simple practical tips to improve your sites security.

On their own they might not be the silver bullet but they all add up. Tim will guide you through things anyone of any ability level can implement to improve their sites security.

About the speaker:

Tim Nash is the platform lead at 34SP.com (https://www.34sp.com/) for their Managed WordPress product in addition to being the companies Developer Advocate. One day he will work out what either of those job titles means.

Until he does, he spends his day in a mix of Dev, security, ops and project management as well as speaking at user groups and conferences.

He also helps run WordPress Leeds (https://wpleeds.co.uk/) and writes for several publications including his own site timnash.co.uk (https://timnash.co.uk/).

You can find other talks by Tim on WordPress TV (http://wordpress.tv/?s=tim+nash).

After the talk we will continue talking about whichever aspects of WordPress people attending are interested in. Bring your laptop if you have any questions or want to share a WordPress problem or success with the group!

There will be a choice of tea/coffee/hot chocolate or soft drink for everyone attending.