Event #40: "Find Content Ideas Relevant to Your Audience", by Ahmed Khalifa


This event is suitable for ALL levels and will be of special interest to BUSINESS OWNERS, BLOGGERS, MARKETING and SOCIAL MEDIA specialists.

Doors open at 6:00pm and talk starts at 6:30pm.

When it comes to creating content, the hard part is 1) coming up with ideas, and 2) it's something that your audience is searching for and looking for on Google. And since the old boring cliché of "content is king" is always around us, it feels like you are under pressure to do your content justice by maintaining its high-quality and consistency.

But rather than paying for expensive tools or outsourcing it, you can simply use just Google.

Armed with some advanced search tricks and clever thought processes, not only will you have endless content ideas, but you will also become overwhelmed with content ideas that are suitable for your blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts and beyond.

* About the Speaker:

Ahmed Khalifa is a digital marketer from Edinburgh and a WordPress lover at heart.

He provides consultancy, audit, coaching and training for entrepreneurs and small businesses within various fields including SEO, content marketing, Google Analytics and conversion rate optimisation.

Ahmed can be found at https://iamahmedkhalifa.com and on Twitter at @iamahmedkhalifa (https://twitter.com/iamahmedkhalifa)