What we're about


Those who will find value in this group are:

Those who seek to discover who they really are at the core

Those who are curious to uncover what they were put on this earth for

Those to want to know what is REALLY holding them back

Those who want to learn the art of mastering their emotions

Those who understand the value of empowering themselves and others

Those who seek inner peace, freedom and unity

Those who seek to improve self awareness

Those who would not benefit from this group are:

Those who are not ready to take responsibility for themselves

Those who judge, blame and criticise others

Those who are immature and arrogant

Those who are not open to learning

Those who are not ready to open to others

This is a safe place for us to learn and grow together. Confidentially is paramount as is the request that we each treat each other with the love and compassion that we would wish others to show to us. Anyone in breach of these conditions shall be removed from the group.

Carole Morrison

Certified Coach

Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

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Limiting Beliefs - What is it that is really holding you back?

Limiting Beliefs – What is it that is REALLY holding you back? There are many in the world who have endless reasons why they haven’t committed to pursuing what they are passionate about doing with their lives. Limiting Beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we can achieve. “Don’t ever believe your mind It is twisted and polluted by your past It is a box housing the software of others design Question everything, everywhere. All the time.” Connect, learn share grow!.Join us at our third informal workshop, where our mission is to empower each other, understand that the past does not equal the future and that nobody is broken. We want to great a community where we are having fun, growing in awareness and growing together At Glasgow's Lifecoaching we have created a safe, open and transparent environment. Join us as we discuss: • what a limiting belief is, • different types of limiting beliefs, • where they come from, • how they are formed, • identifying our own limiting beliefs, • how they impact our life, • belief modification, • nurturing your new belief In order to cover the costs of advertising on Meetup and room hire there will be a fee of £12 at the door. Cash only. Free tea and coffee, there is also a fridge so feel free to bring your own refreshments.:). ,

A beautiful heart circle followed by a fun voice therapy coaching session

Coaching can be delivered in many ways. Much of the time we want to just feel heard, in a safe place without judgement. With social media creating opportunties for us to connect easier than before why do we as humans feel lonelier than ever? The purpose of a heart circle is: For you to find yourself accepted for exactly who you are. In return we ask that you accept all other members with unconditional positive regard also. For you to listen to and connect with your inner self For you to hear others share what is in their heart A space for you to feel respected, valued and part of a like-minded community Heart circles are not a place for discussion or debate. Each member takes a turn to speak with no interruption or verbal response. There is no obligation to speak and the circle is comfortable with silence. The heart circle will finish approx after 1 hour depending on numbers. Please arrive on time. The heart circle will be seated on the floor, however some chairs will be provided. Join us! Also Lisa Bryne will be offering a free introductory 30 mins group voice coaching therapy session, after the heart circle. Voice coaching is currently used as a therapy with powerful results. This is a REALLY FUN activity, dont just take me word for it, come along to find out more:) (really awful singers like me... more than welcome) There is no obligation to take part in the voice therapy. £12 - cash only, pay on the door.

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Self Love - Are You Worth It?

iCafe Merchant City

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