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Emotional Energy

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Andrew Milne


This group uses a fusion of NLP, hypnosis and energy knowledge to help you to control the emotional energies within yourself.

Learn to notice the presence and flow of energy within your physical body, how to remove negative energies and learn to restore positive flow to allow you to feel good.

All of this will lead you to discover a world rich in possibilities and begin to attract positive new experiences and people into your life.

Have you ever wanted to experience more positive emotions ?

Do you enjoy learning about your mind ?

Could you see yourself valuing learning something new that would lead you to discovering new feelings and new experiences ?

Are you interested in your own personal development ?

Would you like to control your emotions and positively effect other peoples ?

Do you want to experience inner peace or just connect to different states of thinking ?

Do you wish to heal from negative experiences ?

This group is for you to learn incredibly rare and valuable skills under the guidance of Andrew Milne, who has been studying hypnosis, trance, NLP and anything that might interest him within the field of personal development for over 18 years. This is a collection of the best material and best developments Andrew has passionately gathered together.

This is the only place you will learn this material.

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Restoring emotional confidence

Online event


Hello, We are. Pleased to announce. Something really special is happening. This has been a tough year for all. I wanted to create something that could help people put it behind them. Or even empower them through the winter and beyond so they can actually feel like this year has been a success. So we have a series of online meetups planned that are designed to empower participants with pure emotional confidence. Restoring emotional confidence is what I use with many clients to get them winning again. Winning! Emotionally! In life! After this year! How on earth can we? Everything that has happened happened for a reason. If we hold onto the negatives and feel awful about it, what then? Well it will stagnate and poison on us individually and collectively. We would become emotionally stunted. Arrested in our development in 2020. "but it ain’t about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” A Man Once said. So why not? Discover how to move forward? With Emotional Confidence, spend some useful time online. Instead of filling your emotions up with fear, anger, sadness, discover how to create Emotional Confidence and other amazing emotional energies. Our online meetup will bring together the power of hypnosis, NLP and the Internet to create a visual, audio learning experience for your conscious and unconscious mind you can enjoy at home. Safely, securely. Earphones. Comfort. Internet device. Will be preferred. So you can fully enjoy. Hypnotic Happiness : Discovering Emotional confidence. Online training experience. A revolution in Emotional Therapeutic interventions. Which will be fun, relaxed, interesting and in many ways life changing. Sign up Now. To make sure you are part of what I honestly believe will help you come through the horrors of 2020 and empower you beyond this moment towards everything that has yet to happen! More. Details. Will follow. Andrew Duncan Milne Trainer, developer, Hypnotherapist Hypnotic Happiness. Click here to book your meetup place now

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A Evening of feeling good, laughter and learning.

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