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Come to our workshops and grow into the beautiful social butterfly you deserve to be in the safety of warm and friendly environment with people just like you. Leading experts for treating social anxiety, offering ground braking techniques and advice for low investment, more info about trainers at www.happy-minds.co.uk Vikki vikki@happy-minds.co.uk

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Who is Andrew Milne,and why sould i listen to what he has to say about anxiety?

Okay, at last weeks meetup (Emotional mastery for men) I had a realisation that I don't talk about my achievements enough. To be honest, like most people I am not that keen on blowing my own trumpet.... but since all members of this group should be working to move beyond their anxiety, please allow me to overcome the fear of sounding a bit boastful. I am going to humbly blow my own trumpet. I began studying anxiety related conditions and there resolution over ten years ago when my Fiancee was diagnosed with social anxiety. I was appalled at the lack of understanding and help she received from the medical profession and indeed therapists. I discovered NLP and hypnosis and how some people were really making a difference to sufferers of anxiety. My partner Carina is now free of her anxiety issues and has the mind technologies to overcome any situations. I guarantee you that she was as anxious if not more anxious than you are. (she is more often than not at the meetups, so come along and she will be happy to share her journey). I have been earning my living helping people overcome anxieties for over five years. To make this brief I am going to quickly list what I consider to be some of my best achievements. • In just two sessions, taking someone who was housebound with agoraphobia and getting them out of the house and back to work. • Helping a young man who had not taken part in life since leaving school at 16 to being confident enough to enroll in college. • Completely eliminating many many spider phobics issues around spiders.(see below) and other phobias (dental, pigeon, fire, sharks, frogs, spaces, confined spaces) • Helping a wonderful lady who I now consider to be a very dear friend get over what can only be described as a really horrible life. • In one year following my second appearance on Real radio helping ten people in two months over their fear of flying. Enabling them to enjoy a summer holiday. • In three sessions (6 hours) completely negating a mans life long anger issues. This gentleman flew up from London for these session. He had been in therapy for six years. It took me only three sessions to have him in control of his emotions. • I have worked with several Scottish sport stars, present and upcoming , in darts, athletics, golf. All over anxiety related performance issues. • Helped a writer overcome his crippling emotional issues, going on to win a national award. • Created Happy-Minds emotional mastery; the simplest and most effective way to Recognise, Release and Restore emotions. and my favourite achievement is each and every time I get to assist someone in overcoming there Social anxiety. It really bothers me that people are held back by there own emotions. For two reasons, firstly the person who is suffering Social Anxiety does not get to take part in life and secoundly life does not get to enjoy that person. Its my belief that everyone has the right to feel comfortable and confident with whoever they are. But what are words without pictures ….. Below are some pictures of the times I have been on real radio and featured in the Sunday Mail. The first is of a lovely lady holding a spider, this lady could not even be in a house if she thought there was a spider in the house. The second picture is of Cat Harvey from the breakfast show. The day before I met her she was in tears at the thought of flying in a plane. Both these people with my guidance and help achieved mastery over their fears. This group that you are a member of is your opportunity to actively take control of your anxiety and to learn from someone who is a true master. Please make the effort because the world deserves to get to know you and right now your the only one that is holding you back. Many thanks for reading. Andrew Milne

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