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Somatic Healing
• What we'll do Somatic healing goes to the root cause of our pain. By using conscious awareness around our body movements we can consciously lengthen muscles, stop chronic pain and take full control of our lives. It has been recognized by doctors and experts in neuroscience as the "missing link" in our medical health care, athletic and physical therapy systems. Somatic movements are gentle and easy to learn and can be used to release basically all muscle groups of the body that we can voluntarily control. They require no special equipment or devices and can be practiced by young and old. In a Somatic Healing Movement class we will focus on the main muscle groups of the body which are more often subject to chronic pain and tightness such as in the lower back, in the shpulders and neck as well as abdominal and leg muscles, etc. The aim of Somatics us to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which brings about deep relaxation, healing of joints and tissues and improves overall health and emotional well-being. • What to bring Water bottle, yoga mat • Important to know


1000 E Rte 66 · Glendora, CA