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Hello Everyone,

The organizer for this meetup is an artist and academic working on a project that looks at how space is organized in New York City. The sights here reflect the ideas for balanced global operation. Looking at the iconic sights that characterize NY, while talking about what they mean, we uncover aspects of our nature as individuals and our future as a global culture.

To see and experience these dynamics we look at art in the public spaces of this city. By placing it in its cultural context we reveal or reassert the mental structure for a global citizenry.

Each of the places visited will reveal fresh perspectives. We will organize to meet in different neighborhoods and institutions that have creative works on display. Join this community and renew your love for this city all while relating to amazing people with similar interests.

Together we will develop a more profound appreciation for this incredible city beyond all limits.

Your guide is a licensed professional and studies meaning in the things we create.

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The Art and Culture of Lower Manhattan

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