What we're about

We are an informal group of working professionals and Ecommerce enterprisers helping those thinking of starting their own business but don't know what idea and platform are the most feasible. In the explosive information Era, knowing how to filter information effective to figure out the best business opportunity along the future trend are very important. It may take you lots of time to find out the feasible idea but you may miss the best timing to do the business. A single minor oversight can waste you so much time, energy & dollars.

We are holding regular meet up together with OPEN MIND friends in Singapore for several times monthly. You can join us now to understand and give yourself a chance to know:

1) What is the industrial trend and consumer habit migration ?

2) How to run a global e-commerce business ?

3) What are the costs & what exactly is needed?

4) What is lesson from real ecommerce business owner?

5) Open discussion and potential business ideas.

**NOTE-This group is strictly NOT for those who intends to pitch & sell their own products** We trust that all members have the integrity when joining us & we will reserve the right to ask any member to leave this group if otherwise.

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