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The Global Success Syndicate is a networking and business support community for women entrepreneurs.

It came about because I was fed up of going to networking events which just ended up as a bit of a trip out with a few curly sandwiches and a chat with some new people.

Most of those people were not remotely interested in what I had to offer, but they’d stand and listen to me for long enough to figure out a way in to sell their services to me.

I’d come away with a load of business cards from other people and have given away a sizeable chunk of my own which were probably in the bin moments after I’d left the building.

What’s more, on my bad days (and we all have them) I wished I had a community of like-minded people I could call upon for advice, support, wisdom and friendship.
9 to 5ers would tell me to quit dreaming and look for a proper job myself.

Disheartening advice when you’re following your dreams, don’t you think?
So, since I couldn’t find exactly the right kind of network for what I needed, I have created this networking and business support community.
A place for us womentrepreneurs to feel like we can, in fact, do whatever we bloody well set our minds to.

And finally, I wanted to use my own skills to help women to conquer the biggest obstacle that we face…

Our own minds.

We can be our own worst enemies and often end up getting stuck because we talk ourselves out of taking positive action.

That’s why, at the Global Success Syndicate, we tackle the crapola that cripples us in the Mind-Mastery section.

Other networks don’t do this. At other networks, you’ve got to come across as though you’re made of titanium and you are invincible (even if you don’t feel anything like it).

We can all be invincible and do incredible things when we feed our amazing minds the right stuff.

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Tired of networks where everyone stands around in their best bib and tucker, trying to impress the hell out of everyone else? Tired of the those days when you could do with a friendly ear and a bit of support/advice from someone who understands you? Tired of playing small because you talk yourself out of taking action out of fear? Tired of your 4 walls where the only daily conversation is with the woman in the mirror and you're starting to doubt your sanity? If yes, pop along to the Global Success Syndicate. Sessions comprise of two hours of structured, fun and hugely valuable Business Gold. Here's what to expect this week: NETWORKING - 45 seconds to shine... Every attendee has their moment in the spotlight. Tell us: # Who you are # What you do/sell # How we can help - what connections you'd like to make and who you would like to be put in touch with etc. It's best to prepare a little something before you arrive. If the idea of talking in front of people brings you out in a rash, make a few notes and practise your words in front of a few chums beforehand. We're here to support you. Remember that. We're not here to judge. BUSINESS SUPPORT - Taking the Bone-Chilling Fear out of Networking This week, we're going to take a closer look at how to do networking in a way that will really help you to grow your business. Trying to sell to the people in the room will get you more-or-less nowhere. So, we'll practise relationship-style networking so that you never have to feel the fear of selling-style meetings again. Instead, understand the power of real connections and benefit from reciprocal support. MIND-MASTERY - Using The Power of Anchors When things aren’t going the way we want, we see ourselves as failures and many people give up and go back to those jobs that made them feel like they’re dying a slow death. So, we need to take back control from our subconscious minds and make them work FOR us, not AGAINST us. In this session, we're going to be looking at the POWER OF ANCHORS. You'll learn about what they are and how they can really give us the fear. You'll do a thoroughly amazing and transformative exercise which you can call upon to get you back in the chilled-zone and ready for anything when those tricky situations crop up in your life. (I used this exercise to help my son get over his absolute terror of heights. He was completely unafraid in just a matter of days.) COMMUNITY - 'Blitz That Bitch' and Put an End to Procrastination It’s essential to be part of a supportive community and have access to other women who have 'been there' to offer you encouragement that your 9 to 5 friends don’t understand you need. In this section, you'll hook up with another fabulous woman and have a 'BLITZ THAT BITCH' conversation. # You'll identify something important that you are putting off doing. # You'll be honest with yourself about why you're not doing it. # You'll find the right words to tell yourself to get you inspired to act. # You'll make a commitment to do it. # You'll choose someone to hold you accountable. The outcome... You'll understand how accountability motivates us to take action. You'll see how what you tell yourself can make or break your intentions. Then, you'll leave with the inspiration to get cracking on what you've been procrastinating over (and we all do it) and you'll BLITZ THAT BITCH of a thing that's been giving you the willies! For more info about the Global Success Syndicate, visit: http://bit.ly/WonderBizWomen

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