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We are calling on all the Sustainability professionals! The added value of the Global Sustainability Platform (GSP) is that professionals in the field of sustainability, come together bi-weekly to share ideas, network with relevant individuals or organizations and discuss the challenge of the week to create awareness, business opportunities or discuss strategies in how to approach a challenge.

Value is added by the platform through extensive member networking and the interactive discussion about the challenge of the week that will be selected prior to the meeting.

Below a wide range of topics

- The implementation and challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030
- Environmental Sustainability: a holistic approach, economic, environment and equity
- Climate change and food security
- The challenges of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility
- Impact of Brexit on Sustainability
- Threats of consumerism on Sustainability
- Vertical farming a solution to food scarcity?

A challenge of the week is open to suggestions and we encourage you to come up with topics to discuss!
This group is about exciting energy on our way to making a sustainable impact!

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