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Whether you have fallen in love with the outdoors, The Camino de Santiago (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camino_de_Santiago) or Christ... Or, you feel compelled, curious or you simply have an interest to learn about any or all three of these topics, you need to join us on this pilgrimage... literally or figuratively.

The person who will get the most out of this MeetUp is one who not only has a special interest in the Camino but is also looking for personal life growth. Events in this MeetUp will not only be enjoyable but offer a personal challenge in the life realms of the physical, intellectual, spiritual and relational.

The person who will give the most to this MeetUp is the one who wants to share, encourage and enjoy the journey of service towards growth with others.

OK, enough of the one liners. The effect of experiencing the Camino de Santiago is typically a profound one. Pilgrims, as they call themselves, return home to find that life is different. For me, the change was unexpected, positive and deep.

People from all over the world travel to Spain, to walk the Camino in search of something. I feel that a good number of them are there to fill a void, heal a wound or find the answer to a question, any of which they might not even be aware of. What I learned was that if I approached people with sensitivity, humility and respect, they actually WANTED to hear what I, the "American" believes about God. This is an open door to the world. Literally!

So here I am, putting this MeetUp together for people to share and share-a-like their experiences and questions and thoughts about this ancient pilgrimage "El Camino de Santiago" and Christ. After all, it was (and still is?) a Christian Pilgrimage. But this isn't just about heady conversation. It is about getting out there on the local trails and enjoying God's creation while at the same time meeting someone new... who maybe has already walked "The Way" or ... maybe not.

So lets not limit this to tromping around the woods and suburban byways for exercise alone! Let's make this REALLY enjoyable.

Interaction will be centered around one or more of the three main activities: Walking/hiking, sharing simple meals or refreshment and facilitated discussions. All three of the activities will provide a nonthreatening, informal social environment for meeting others, sharing thoughts, questions and experiences. Experience not required. Simply show up with the desire grow and learn. Knowing Pilgrims, I'm confident there will be plenty of help, encouragement and advice to go around.

If a discussion is a planned part of the event, the topic will be included within the event announcement.

Expect prayer as a normal part of the event. Actually, you might pray for me right now because I've not done anything like this before! Yikes! What am I getting into?!

One thing is for sure. I look forward to meeting you!

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