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We are starting this meetup group aimed at social and cultural gatherings, road trips, movies and plays, dining out and weekend travel. The aim of the group is to attract cultural and social travelers that are respectful of people, surroundings and the environment.

We are not...

It is not a dating group and members are expected to respect each others' personal and social space. We are only building a small group of friends that enjoy life, have light conversations and deep laughs, and are not consumed by negativity all the time. Additionally, if people from other cultures are 'exotic projects and tokens' for you, this is certainly not a group for you.


We are going to follow very strict membership (joining and continuing) policy and will not tolerate any kind of obnoxious and personally intrusive behavior. We are not particularly snooty, but expect social and cultural etiquette and basic decency from every member.

If your job allows you no or very limited time for travel and recreation, this is NOT the group for you.

This group is for people in their 30s and 40s only.

As you apply, answer the required questions and upload a photo. Without it, your membership will not be approved. We will limit the initial membership to fewer than 50 members.

Many people seem to join various groups but show zero interest. We will be removing such members as we would rather keep it a small group of actively involved people, instead of large numbers of inactive folks. You can request to join again when it's easier for you to schedule for travel and events.

Note: Contact Mihir for any communication. Though he is listed as the co-organizer, for this group, he is generally more active in communicating.


On all events, travels, etc. members are responsible for their own health, safety and security. For any events that require payment, it is each member’s responsibility to check every detail and make payment accordingly. The organizers are not responsible for any refund (unless the payment is made directly to the organizers for a specific event and it is refundable as per preset rules) or wrong payments.

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