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This Webinar Has Had To Be Postponed Because of Illness of the Presenter

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8 out of every 10 of us are living on less than $5,000 a year; 2.7 billion on less and $2 a day, which is more than the world's population just 60 years ago. Such a disparity of wealth has brought us to a place that can’t be maintained. So what can we do?

Caroline Smalley is Co-Founder of The Citizens Media® (CM): a people-powered initiative designed to help change it up.

Caroline is a philosopher, entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast living in the mountains of Whistler, BC. Caroline has a background in network management. Since moving from England to Canada in 2001, Caroline has developed slogans and ad campaigns, created and run election websites, and takes an active role in discussions and initiatives for impacting global reform. You can watch her message below about the need and possibility for change.

Caroline’s vision is to move finance into a sustainable, people-centric economy. To achieve this, she proposes connecting and supporting communities in the production of tools and services that enable us to increase our own livelihoods.

Taking crowdfunding to the next level and incorporating the means for cooperation and competition to work hand in hand, The Citizens Media® is a Global Investment Co-operative. It provides individuals throughout the world an affordable opportunity to make a difference while generating returns at the same time.

This Webinar looks at how we can begin to take a bottom up approach for reducing the wealth gap and making our world sustainable. It reviews alternatives to the systems that run our economy and how they can be united in changing our behavior and attitude towards business and finance. To create a sustainable world, we need to collaborate in a way that uses individual skills to maximize innovation, and provides equal opportunity to get ahead. This means open sharing of knowledge and ideas and supporting initiatives that are affordable and help people and communities help themselves.

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