Democratic Mobilisations, the Commons and Communities

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To develop awareness and initial capabilities (individual & collective)
for forming and managing commons and commoning relationships.

Take-home value

- a direct experience of commons building locally and globally
- new relationships, inspiration and opportunities for active engagement with the commons in one's life and the larger movement
- a minimalist conceptual framework for the transition to a commons-based society


The recent mass mobilizations in the Arab world, Spain, Greece and other countries, have been signaling a deep yearning for real democracy expressing the desire of the people for autonomy and ending the expropriation of the resources of all by the few.

Can those movements be able to go beyond protest and grow a positive alternative to the status quo?
Can the activists/organizers embody in their working style and relationships the better world that they stand for?
What does the Commons and commoning have to do with those questions?

“The Commons is the social and political space where things get done and where people have a sense of belonging and have an element of control over their lives, providing sustenance, security and independence. Commons are organised around resources that are collectively owned or shared between or among populations. It gives voice to civil society and helps us to learn new social practices, imagine a political, economic and social system beyond capitalism or communism. It is beyond party politics or other sectarian beliefs and practices.” (Wikipedia)

The verb “commoning” has three aspects:

a. The ensemble of practices used by people in the course of managing shared resources and reclaiming the commons

b. Moving from from the I to the We, where individuals become capable to think, feel, and act as Commons

c. Recognizing the inherent connectedness of humanity as a whole and having our individual and collective “centre of gravity” in a beyond-ego state

It is that last sense that the motto of our School refers to: All for the Whole, the Whole for All.

The workshop will cater to the needs of all participants, no matter which aspect of commoning they feel attracted to become skilled about.

The current wave of democratic mobilizations is beyond ideology, right or left. Beyond Capitalism. Beyond Communism. Stirring from within the hearts of ordinary people far and wide, a deeply human urge to reach for our highest potential. Thresholds being reached, a yearning for something new. Convergence of social online and offline peer to peer networks, as our new operating system. The events of the present are calling us to co-create the future, as it emerges from them. So much to learn from and contribute to them!

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