Helping To Develop Themed Meetings & Events

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Are You Interested In Arranging Meetings, Running Webinars, Helping to Video & Stream Events & More? Come Along & Help With Project Teams

We are holding this meeting to discuss both strategy and volunteering to develop some of our meetings and to see how we can be more strategic about how we do that.

We are planning four meetings a year around Ethics & Politics at Conway Hall. These will be held in collaboration with The Ethical Society at Conway Hall itself.

Also we already have in hand four Lansdowne Club Debates. So each of these two groups of meetings have either a theme on content or procedure.

We will also be doing other themed events in the near future.

When we do meetings like this we would like to create a theme that continues beyond the meeting (We already do this on Women & Empowerment.) To do this we want to look at how we can,

A) Run associated webinars on the theme.

B) Do some YouTube interviews

C) Run a googleplus, Facebook and twitter hashtag on the theme that we can integrate into a themed story on storyfy.

D) Possibly stream each of the meetings so as to involve a larger audience.

E) Develop social reports around these themes

F) Work in partnership with sites like the World Lecture Project (That have a database of associated videos) and Netivist that will run an online debate around our issues and finally

G) See how we can work with others to find avenues where people can take action on the issues and make a difference.

To do this we will need people to discuss this and also to act as an event host/s or work in an issue project team.

We need volunteers who can help run webinars, help with the streaming of meetings and also perhaps do interviews that we host on YouTube.

So if you would like to discuss this, help develop the strategy and get involved in helping to develop our meetings then we would love you to join us here.